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Factors affecting electrode consumption rate (2)

Factors affecting electrode consumption rate (2)

  • 04-30
Consumption of electrode paste on ferroalloy furnace

This article combines "Factors Affecting the Rate of Electrode Consumption (2)", and mainly introduces the three factors that affect electrode consumption.

 3. Factors of process operation

  1. The more auxiliary materials are adjusted, the faster the electrode consumption. When the circuit is seasoned, there is no carbon distribution, and the electrode directly participates in the reaction of the alloy in the reaction zone of the crucible, and the consumption rate is quite fast.
  2. The more dry burning and bright arc operation, the faster electrode consumption. Both dry burning and open arc operation will directly expose the electrode arc to the air, and the hot electrode carbon will be in large contact with the oxygen in the air, and will be rapidly oxidized and consumed.
  3. The higher the active power, the more power consumption, the faster the electrode consumption. The diameter of each electric furnace is fixed. The more active power the electric furnace is turned on, the more electricity it will consume. The more electricity it consumes, the faster the electrode will consume and the more electrode pressure will be discharged. Electricity, the electrode is basically not consumed.
  4. The shorter the working end of the electrode, the faster the electrode consumption. The shorter the working end of the electrode, the shallower the depth of the electrode into the furnace. The shallower the depth of the furnace, the easier the open arc will be, and the brighter arc will accelerate the electrode oxidation consumption rate.
  5. High voltage and low current operation, fast electrode consumption. High voltage and low current, large arc length, shallow electrode entry into the furnace, easy to produce bright arc, and accelerate electrode oxidation consumption rate.
  6. The furnace bottom rises seriously and the electrode consumption is fast. If the ferroalloy furnace is operated for a long time without overhauling the furnace, a large amount of impurities will accumulate in the furnace bottom and cause the furnace bottom to rise. After the furnace bottom rises, the furnace depth will become shallower, and the three-phase electrode will be shallower in the furnace depth. The oxidation consumption of the electrode and all indicators of the electric furnace will be worse. At this time, it is necessary to consider restarting after overhauling the furnace.

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