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Use management of electrode paste

Use management of electrode paste

  • 04-28
Reasonable management, control and operation of electrode paste is very important

This article describes how to use the management electrode paste to avoid accidents.

 electrode paste is the raw material for manufacturing calcium carbide furnace electrodes. To avoid various electrode accidents, the quality of the electrode paste itself is good. In addition, it is also important to manage, control and operate the calcium carbide furnace electrodes. 3. The occurrence of various electrode accidents is directly related to electrode management, control and operation. To reduce electrode accidents, it is necessary to be familiar with various factors that affect the electrode sintering and consumption rate; three-phase electrodes must be operated scientifically to make the electrodes be pressed and sintered in an orderly and uniform manner. Reducing electrode accidents is the direction of unremitting efforts of every calcium carbide furnace and electrode paste production manager.

The management of calcium carbide furnace electrodes includes the operation management of electrode paste posts, the production and docking of electrode cylinders, the control of electrode paste columns and the addition of electrode paste, the control of the electrode pressure and consumption, the maintenance of self-baking electrodes when the furnace is stopped, calcium carbide Opening operation of the furnace, etc.

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